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Mask Extension Hook Anti-Slip Buckle Ear Grips Hook for Mask Ear Protection,3-Level Adjustable Silicone Mask Buckles Reusable Mask Extension Ear Protection for Adults and Children 6PCS

  • Our mask ear strap are made of 100% high quality silicone, which can be repeatedly washed without bending, abrasion, curling or peeling. Soft and safe to human skin, both adults and children can use it.
  • The mask extender hooks are compatible with most of the ear-mounted masks, this mask band strap help reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time.
  • Suitable for all kinds of work which need to wear masks for a long time, such as doctors, office work, and some special ones such as Laboratory staff, medical staff, dust workers and food workers,ect.
  • 3 Gears adjustable anti-slip ear hook for mask, ear protector special for Reducing the pain and pressure of long time wearing a mask in the ear. Both adults and children can use it.
  • Portable, small but practical, super easy and convenient to wear, easy to carry,dirt resistant,can be used repeatedly and for a long time.